it's a chimps' life

or was it a giraffes' life
giraffe900 .
taronga park zoo in sydney would have to have some of the best outward views of any zoo in the world, not that i have been to many others to compare, i'm just sayin.


Anonymous said...

oh cool you went to Taronga Park zoo when you were in sydney town.Nice work, how cool are the new enclosures?I took the boys from Seattle there on my last trip and they were very impressed indeed.Its a good zoo with an awesome view on a good day.
lil bro.

Stu said...

oh yeah, one of the best zoos I've been to, actually the best. Shits all over San Diego zoo, I was less than impressed by that one and it was supposed to be world class...hmmmm. New enclosures are great and the sea animals enclosures that they're still building look pretty good too.

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